What are these and why should I do this?

Well these shoots are always super fun and relaxed. For an hour we just pick a location and essentially go for a wander. We chat, we laugh and then at the end you get some amwahing images to keep. It's that straightforward.

Couples book these for a range of reasons. Some add these on as an engagement shoot when they already have their wedding booked and want to record this special time. Others have booked this as part of a "surprise proposal". If you're thinking of this then I highly recommend it! You choose the location and spot and then I arrive ahead of time and carefully capture the all important moment whilst being out of sight! Such a good memory to have recorded.

And then there are those that just want some awesome couple/family portraits in a cool setting. I'm totally on board with this so if this is you let me know!

In terms of locations well I'm based in north Wales so I'm on the doorstep of some pretty sensational landscapes and being out in the mountains at least once a week I have an ever expanding list of places we can visit. Alternatively if you have a place in mind that holds some personal significance they let's do that! Or it could just be a cool place that you think would work. There's no rules. The crazier the better. Beaches, Forrests, mountains, parks, zoo's, city centres, fairs it's entirely up to you! My only requirement is that we have a lot of fun!