Natural wedding Photography for couples that want relaxed, fun and authentic moments captured 

Hello there I'm Alex

A wedding photographer based in North Wales covering all the UK and beyond with a strong documentary and candid approach to your big day.

I think we all agree that natural images are the best and that your wedding should be about celebrating and having the most amazing time with all you family friends. That's why my relaxed style allows you to just enjoy every moment of it whilst I capture the magic.

My mission it to document real love stories in an authentic and personal fashion so you receive not just collection of beautiful images but a timeless reminder of what your day felt like and all the emotion, atmosphere and love it held.

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No photoshoots just fun

So it's my belief and philosophy that weddings should just be fun. It's your day so there shouldn't be any rules. It's your wedding after all! So you decide what we do and I just follow your lead whilst capturing it authentically as it happens. No long portraits sessions. No huge shot lists. Just you enjoying your day with all your family and friends and spending the maximum amount of time just having the best day ever whilst I record all those amazing memories.

Then when you're ready for a break from all the craziness and guests grabbing you for a selfie we go for a 10 minute walk and grab some beautiful shots of you two together and then it's straight back to the party. That's it. Completely painless I promise!


Kezia + Chris

Just got home to find our wedding photo's have arrived! We're about half way through them and I can't tell you enough how pleased Martin and myself are. Thank you so much Alex. They are amazing! Booking you was one of our best decisions of the wedding! We will recommend you to everyone!

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