Nice to meet you!

I'm Alex, a smiley, happy, bearded photographer and I capture wedding stories, or more accurately the stories that happen at weddings! I live in a small village in North Wales where I still call home with my wife Jodi, our beautiful daughter Florence plus our newest member of the clan, our loveable newborn son Rupert!

Why wedding photography though? Well In a previous life I travelled a bit of the world a few times including New Zealand, Fiji, America and spending a year trekking around the whole circumference of Australia in an old, rusty van. After that I went to University for the purpose of obtaining a piece of paper and had a couple of jobs which never quite fitted me right. Then one day I picked up a camera, shot a friends wedding and I was hooked!

My style and why I believe everything should just all be fun!

On the day itself, I'm all about just allowing you to just enjoy those incredible moments and not disturbing the flow of the day. It goes so fast and it's something you've waited for for so long so I want you enjoy every second of it!

For the majority of my couples one of the most important things (along with having incredible wedding photos!!) is that they really want to be able to spend the maximum amount of time on their wedding day with their family and friends. I completely agree. Chat, drink, hug, cry. I'll capture what's important and you guys just be happy!

My focus is on the people and documenting the feeling and story of the day.

So for the most part I prefer to observe whilst letting all the craziness and emotion unfold naturally around me. This way I can focus on capturing all the humour, human interaction and spirit of the day. Recording those authentic and magical moments that happen in-between the key events.

Of course we still grab 10-15 minutes to go for a walk to do some beautiful "bridal & groom portraits" but it's quick, painless (I promise!) and we have some good fun.

Also if there's any group or formal shots you want that's no problem too and we can have a chat about that before so we can get it done as quickly as possible and back to the party!

When I'm not behind the camera.....

As a family we'll usually be outdoors as our little humans have a crazy amount of energy and love exploring! Mostly around North Wales and if we're not there we'll be at Chester Zoo!

If I do get some rare time out to myself though I like to get out on the road bike as much as I can or setting my alarm for pre sunrise and hitting the trails in Snowdonia and the surrounding areas.

Apart from that give us both a bottle of red, a new boxset and the kids both in bed before 9pm and we'll be very happy people! :)