St George's Hall

liverpool landmark steeped in history and one MAGNIFICENT hall

So where do I start with St George's Hall......Erm well in 2016 it was our wedding venues so we definitely see the appeal and if you're thinking of this venue to hold your wedding then we must be on the exact same wavelength! I remember bringing my wife grandparents on the train to visit Liverpool for the day as soon as we stepped outside Line St Station I mentioned the Goliath building in front was where we were to be getting married the following year.....The reaction was exactly as we hoped and after 5 minutes of reassuring her that we weren't joking! Her surprise moped into excitement. I'm pretty sure this is the exact way both your guests and yourselves will feel too!

In terms of the exterior....well I don't think words will do it justice so I won't try but lets just say those pillars, those steps and those columns. Weather its your guests mingling around outside, you arriving for the ceremony or some portraits in front.....we're going to get some amazing shots!

Inside is where the excitement builds for me. You can't help by get overawed by the vastness of The great Hall. Being featured in Harry Potter to The Peaky Blinders you can see why. It's just so ridiculously impressive and can accommodation and up to a whopping 600 guests seated for your wedding reception. Another option if the Grand Hall is just well too big! Is the Concert room which while smaller is no less luxurious and where we chose to say I do! (ask us nicely and we may show you some of our wedding snaps for some inspiration) It can accommodate up to 500 guests for your ceremony and 88 for your wedding breakfast.

In terms of accommodation for St George's Hall, Liverpool as so much choice within walking distance and top fit all budgets. The Hilton, Jurys inn, Titanic... as well as boutique establishments like the.... list goes on

If you're thinking of holding your wedding at St George's Hall, Liverpool and would like some more information or want to have a chat about me being your Liverpool Wedding photographer then please get in touch and we can have a chat about how you're planning your dream wedding.

*I only take on a set amount of weddings each year to make sure my creative juices are still flowing and I can give my all to every wedding I capture. Please enquire as early as possible to check availability, especially if your date is one during peak season or a bank holiday weekend for example.