Liverpool Wedding Photographer

Liverpool Wedding Photographer

Historic, vibrant, party wedding venues!

As a Liverpool Wedding Photographer I have so many many happy memories at working some of the most amazing Liverpool Wedding Venues. I love how the city transforms to whatever you need it to be. From fine dining restaurants to The Baltic Triangle and tonnes of independents shops and Boutique hotels like The Titanic. Then there's the docks and Mathews Street as well as the Liverpool world museum, art galleries and one of my personal favourite's St Georges Hall (biased because this was our wedding venues in 2015!). All such amazing parts of this incredibly city! The hard part is picking just one wedding venue here!

Because the city is so accessible it's so easy just to wander off for 10 minutes and be in a totally different environment and scenery. This makes getting wedding photographs that look so different and stand out from the crowd so effortless. It also means that you can easily choose to have your ceremony in one location and then walk or arrange a bus for your guests to another party of the city! Or alternatively hold then entire day at one venue! So many of Liverpools Venues are so interchangeable. Bars and restaurants like Alma De Cuba, OH ME OH MY are so unusual and quirky can provide such an intimate and romantic backdrop yet can be completely transformed so when the heels and ties come off they're back to providing that all important party space!

Below I've put in some tips and tricks for planing your Liverpool wedding, elopement, or engagement photos as well as share some recent Liverpool weddings. Be sure to contact us to check if I've got your date available.

Liverpool Wedding Planning Guide

Just enjoy the experience

If you're getting ready in your hotel that you'll probably be getting the full squad their for all the bridal prep. You can get breakfast delivered to your room from one of the many local artisan cafe's like Bold or just wander our and get a team brunch before you say I do!

Then there's staying the night before. Maybe a few cocktails. Enough to take the edge off but not as too many to give you a dreaded wedding day hangover. Or ditching the beer completely and having meal with all your favourite guys and girls! Do it. I would definitely say whatever you decide for your wedding Liverpool has so many different options to add on either before or after so maybe take a look at how you can add to the whole experience.

Different options

Liverpool has such a rich heritage and literally very year has countless events from St Patrick’s day to various and parades and events like PRIDE. Obviously these will have an impact on hotel bookings, traffic, road closures but on the flip side can be amazingly fun. So can also can fully embrace it. The streets are decorated and there's such a buzz and energy around the city that can be incorporated in to your big day. Maybe in your theme or you could even choose to walk part of it!

The practical stuff

As previously mentioned and as with any city you've got to plan the nitty gritty. If you're getting married on a Friday or a weekend try and avoid times travelling when traffic will be at it's peak and also major sporting/musical events and these will add extra journey time on.

Secondly I would suggest doing an handy guide for your guests. Include things like accommodation, parking & taxi's, but you might also want to include a few other snippets of activities or places close by like restaurants and bars just in case your guests want to extend the wedding with a mini break. After photographing many weddings in Liverpool I've got lots of tips & recommendations so please just ask if you're struggling for ideas!

A few more handy tips for your Liverpool wedding photography

  1. Liverpool has lots of beautiful spaces as well as cool and funky streets, alleyways and squares so you really can have the best of both worlds when it comes to photo’s. The Docks, Calderstones and Sefton Park are some fantastic places to grab a few shots. But if none of these fit what your looking for or you have a different spot in mind then there's nothing stopping us jumping in the wedding car or taxi/uber scooting off for 10 minutes as there's some amazing beaches and country parks close by! It's your Liverpool Wedding after all! Do what you want and makes you happy!
  2. Embrace the the chaos. Liverpool has a lot of tourists and shoppers so they may appear in some of your images on the streets but some amazing shots have come out of moments like this. Let's see what we can do!
  3. Your venue perhaps closes early and perhaps you want to keep the party going. Maybe book an afterparty at your hotel, or a local bar for a few hours.

As I'll be adding more handy tips here in due course that are specific to Liverpool Weddings so please check back!

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