The Tower Wales Wedding

Where do I start here for Kezia's and Chris's magical magical woodland wedding at the stunning The Tower Wales . Well probably best to begin as always with how I first met the couple. So Kezia was actually a bridesmaid at a previous wedding I'd shot which was absolutely fantastic (Laura + James :) ) So as I'd already met a significant portion of the guests and from speaking to them both at our initial consultation I knew the day was going to be super relaxed and chilled but also a lot of fun! Which I'm happy to report is exactly how it was! :)

For a full write up on the wedding shenanigans follow to the end!

The wedding day itself started pretty much perfectly with Kezia and all the girls getting ready in the main house whilst Chris and his groomsmen put the finishing touches in the tipi and ceremony "area". Then as guests slowly parked up in the beautiful field opposite the day began to take shape! I also loved how with all the festivities starting some were busy setting up their tents for staying over that night. Definitely added to the boho festival fee and also no taxi to worry about home! How amazing is that! Also probably a wise decision to get this done before the wedding as given a few wines I'd definitely not want to start messing about with poles!

Before long it was "I do time" so Kezia got in to her beautiful dress and had the unique experience with her bridesmaids of being able to walk from the house, across a path carved out of rolling field and over a hand built, wooden bridge into her magical woodland wedding setting!

The ceremony itself took place just past the tipi in the most perfect, whimsical wooded area performed by the amazing Alex The Snowdonia Celebrant. If anyone is looking for a celebrant to perform their wedding I would definitely recommend Alex! The chilled ceremony definitely was in keeping with the wholes days setting and vibes and it also included some unique personal moments of a tradition Celtic hand fasting as well a welsh broom hop! Then it was on to the party!

Queue...unreal street food, woodland raving, a space hopper race, drunken limbo, lots of emotional speeches - especially from the groom Chris which brought out more than a few tears! Then there was more dancing, a chaotic Welsh Ceidlidh, even more dancing and of course lots of happy smiley people! thanks guys for letting me be apart of it. Your wedding rocked!